12 March 2015

Lizzy's Garden...

I recently had my first Mama group  meeting at my house and did a baby food tasting with Lizzy's Garden organic baby food.  Check out my post on Lizzy's Garden over on Blah Blah Birds today!!!   If you're a new mom and looking for some really yummy baby food, then you definitely need to try Lizzy's Garden.  June Approves! 

25 February 2015

Love It or Leave It: The Backpack

susie lau-NYFW Fall 2015
photo credit: harpersbazaar
Backpacks are BACK!! Will you be carrying one?  I never thought I would say it, but I've got my eye on a few cuties.  The backpack would be a great Mama and June bag.  From the runway to the streets, you gotta get you a BackBag.  Ha!  I like the sound of that better! 

Let's shop. . .

mz wallace


clare v



Don't like these, splurge a bit some of these...

Do you Love It or Leave It? 

24 February 2015

8 Months...

June is 8 months, and I want her to slow it down.  She's more amazing today than she was yesterday.  She just keeps getting better.  I'm really enjoying this age, watching her grow and explore even more.   Each day she does something new.

What's June up to?  She crawls, she stands and tries to stand without holding on, she walks with me holding her hands, she plays peek-a-boo with my scarves, she loves to be chased, when I leave the room she follows me, she waves goodbye, she gives me kisses, and she loves being in the mix.  A little social butterfly!  Her foods of choice are lentils and carrots or butternut squash with brown rice, broccoli, avocado, and pasta, and besides mama's milk, she loves water.  New foods to try this week: watermelon, blueberries, and asparagus.

Check her out...

miss independant, trying to feed herself

morning play

she loves riding in the cart

what she does best! 

she's such a beauty!!

can't wait to see what 8 months has in-store for us! 

23 February 2015

Good Monday Morning...

Photo by Clare Vivier Instagram

Enjoy your week!

06 February 2015

Smiling About...

forever a fan...

pearls on my elbows...


yes to...lemon chicken

have an amazing weekend!!!

05 February 2015

Recipes for Love...

Check it out here

13 January 2015

6 months

Well, I'm so late on this post.  Got caught up with holiday stuff and just life.  So, our girl turned 6 months on Dec. 17th.  Ha! She's almost 7 months now.  She's still amazing and watching her grow is awesome.  Her little personality has come in full force.  June is one determined little girl.  She wants to be independent, she wants to crawl, stand, and walk all at the same time.  Two little TEETH (what?) have pop in at the bottom, and she's eating solid food.  Her favs seem to be butternut squash, pears, and banana-avocado.  Last week we threw in carrots, this week peas and lentils.  Yes, mama makes all her food.  Saves money and I know what's in it.

Motherhood has been tough, exhausting, but exciting.  I keep moving, because if I stop I'll fall asleep.  Ha!  I keep pushing on because of June.  Her little kisses, the way she looks up at me, her smile, her voice when she wakes up in the morning, her funny little laugh, and most of all watching her change daily.

What she's up too... 

sleepy baby

meeting her great-grand G-4 generations

her second trip to the airport

watching mommy cook and playing

she's already a laker fan

playing really hard

That's our little Juniepie! 

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