16 March 2016

Spring is Coming!






Screaming for Spring! 

10 March 2016

Le Cou!

photo by Le Cou

Le Cou, french for The Neck! Le Cou is a small apparel company changing the way women dress and feel about their style and bodies. You can express yourself with adding a bit of flair to your look by wearing a bow, tie, or dickey at the neck. What is a Dickey? Well, it's a piece of clothing worn under another layer that gives the impression of wearing a full shirt without having the bulk. Genius! Le Cou offers beautiful prints and fabrics to enhance your look.

I found out about Le Cou from the blog Oh Joy!, and I had to share with my readers. Oh Joy! is having a giveaway and 20% off for their readers. So, head on over here to enter!

 Here are some of my favs from Le Cou...

photos by Le Cou

I'm loving this concept and I definitely will be treating myself to one.  

Is Le Cou for you?

08 March 2016

Oh, Coach...

Hi, readers...If you're still out there!  Ha!  It's been a minute, but hey, what a nice surprise, right?   So, I got this email from Barneys NY about "Vintage Coach"  and I'm really not a Coach fan.  A bit too conservative for me, but sometimes you need simple and conservative. Well, I have since taken that back after seeing their new collection...Coach classic styles with spice!  I use to rock Coach back in college. Yep, I had the Bucket Bag in dark brown.  I still have the bag and it's still in great condition. Fast-forward to today, I would love to add one of these lovely new Coach bags with Fringe!  Yes, fringe! Next to fur and sequin, I love fringe!  A bit too pricey for me at the moment, but a girl can dream.  Another one added to my wish list!

Here are a few more I'm loving...

Gucci inspired!!! 

Are you loving it? 

Happy Tuesday!!!

03 November 2015

Fun & Fall...


I've got some Fun & Fall jewelry to add a little spice to your wardrobe. I'm all about wearing simple pieces that are comfy, and I can throw on and look chic...effortless! But, I always have to spice up the simple with some awesome accessories.  It's a must, and jewelry is a great way to do it!  You don't have to break the bank to find special pieces.  Purchase what speaks to you and makes you feel pretty. Don't overdo it!!   Oh, and if you really want to be unique...vintage shop

Here's some of my favorites...

Don't be afraid to wear a little sparkle during the day. 



Add statement and unique pieces to simple silhouettes

chunky necklace

collar necklace

golden earrings

layer short and long necklaces

long gemstone

bauble bar

one cuff  or bracelet might be all you need

mixed crystal bracelet

knot bracelet

blooming sequin paillette cuff

vintage pieces are always a conversation piece

noguchi oversized copper earrings

marquis wood necklace

indian gold bracelet

Happy Shopping!!! 

30 October 2015

Happy Halloween!


Not feeling a Halloween costume?  Throw these on with all black and go! 

Happy Halloween! 

16 October 2015

Friday POP!!!

photo credit-eater la

Happy Friday!! I know it's been a while since I posted. June turned One and I left my readers hanging.  What have I been doing?  I've been juggling it all and Miss June keeps me really busy.  I can say the word "tired" is part of my everyday vocabulary.

One thing I definitely do is stay on top of L.A. Happenings, and I've got a good one for you today.  I'm so very sorry I have not posted about one of my favorite restos called Petit Trois. Just say this spot is awesome and the omelet with mixed greens is amazing.  Sit at the bar to watch them prepare the food.  Very entertaining!  You can't make reservations, so prepare to wait a bit, but it's worth it. There, I just posted about it. Ha!  Check it out!

Chef Ludo, Jon, and Vinny
photo credit-la weekly

Now, the trio of friends (above photo) that own Petit Trois will be opening a new spot really soon called Trois Familia!!! In addition to Trois Mec, Jon & Vinny's, Son of a Gun, Animal, and Petit Trois, I know we are definitely in for a treat at Trois Familia.  L.A. Weekly says it will be a French-Mexican Brunch spot...What?!?!  A fusion of French and Mexican rolled up into brunch? Wow, my head might explode from excitement.  I can't wait!

Stay tuned for my review!  Sit tight, because I have two other blogs to maintain, one blog I'm working on launching soon and of course, my beloved Blah Blah Birds blog. Back soon!

Have a fantastic weekend! 

17 June 2015

And She's ONE!!!!

And She's One!! Yep, June is the big ONE today, and I cannot believe it!  It's been an amazing year of many many challenges and triumphs.  Watching her grow from day one has been Incredible, and I would do it all over again,  Well, let me back up a bit.  I would do it all over again minus the first three/four weeks of bringing her home...ROUGH!!! There is no preparation for it and I've never been so tired in my life!  Just being honest! The challenges of being a parent are real.  It's a demanding job, but at the end of the day all is right in the world when we watch her sleep peacefully after a long day.

We look forward to her smile and singing in the mornings,  how her eyes light up when she discovers something new,  her excitement when her favorite song comes on (her right leg gets moving),  the way she laughs when she has that first bite of food,  how she puts her arm around us as we tote her around the house,  how she smiles at her Dad, how she looks to me for comfort when she falls,  her wet kisses,  her " I can do it myself" attitude,  how she laughs and we have no idea why she's laughing, how she rubs her eyes when she's sleepy, and most of all just being her parents.  She's a delight with a bit of sass.  She's our JUNE!

June's Milestones...

Waves bye
Waves hello
Points at everything
Flips through books
Tries to feed herself
Tries to brush her teeth
Tries to put on her shoes
Just being a busy bee
Has 8 teeth
Loves bath time

Her Words...

Mum Mum and Da-Di
Uh Ohhhh!
Hey-yo (Hello)
Bye Bye

June's Favorite Foods...

Black Beans
Lentils and Carrots
Brown Rice
Pesto Pasta w/ Peas
Baby Bell Cheese
Rosemary Bread
Baby Mums

Happy 1st Birthday, June! 

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