I Love Wendy...

Happy Friday to all my fabulous readers!!!! 

Hope you have some great things planned this weekend. A lot going on in L.A. as always.  Me and the husband are headed to Santa Barbara on Sunday for a little fun in the sun! Friday and Saturday, I am going to just chill. 

Yesterday, I received my vintage necklace that I bought from Wendy Mink Jewerly.  They had a sample sale last week for all their members (click here to become a member), and I got a great necklace for a fab price.  Lovely! 

Photo Courtesy of Wendy Mink Jewelry
Wendy Mink Jewelry is based in New York City on Manhattan's Lower East Side.  I have not been lucky enough to visit the boutique, but I get great stuff online and via email.  The fab thing about Wendy Mink is that if you see a piece you like on the website or on their blog, you can email them for pricing and larger pictures. They are just amazing for that!  So, you get to see your piece up close to inspect all the details.  

For me, vintage pieces are always my preferred purchase when I buy jewelry, and I contact the Wendy Mink ladies every now and then to ask what new pieces they have in the store.  They will email me photos of whatever I am interested in.  Now that is customer service. 

Here are some photos of my recent purchase (they wrapped it so pretty)...

Wendy Mink makes me happy!!!!  

And I'm off and running...


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