Instant Vintage...

I love to find special treasures while traveling. I usually seek out the local antique shops or neighborhood vintage stores. Recently, I went to Santa Barbara for a wedding and had to stop in one of my favorite vintage stores, Renaissance Fine Consignment.

I took my mom with me and she loved it! We were in there for almost 2 hours. Not good! I found a vintage Bottega Veneta navy cross body bag in fabulous condition from the early 80's (will post pictures of my BV bag later) and these beautiful vintage gold tulip earrings. Gotta to love it!

Come back each week to check out the new  "Instant Vintage..." posts.  If you are a lover of vintage, you will love it!

And I'm off and running...



  1. Love, love, love those earrings!!! Congrats on the new blog! I'm excited about following you!:)


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