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Happy Friday to all my dear readers!!!  

Yesterday, I got the cutest email from one of my closest and dearest friends regarding The Kleinfelds NYC Blowout sale.  She asked me "is this something I need to try or go to?"  Well, ladies if you are getting married soon,  I think it would be a fabulous idea!  Plus, you get to go to New York. I have not been to this sale, but I hear it is major and it is actually very well organized. 



Where: Kleinfeld Bridal-110 W. 20th St New York, NY 20011
When: July 27th, 2010
Time: 3:00-7:00p.m. 
- get there hella earlier in the morning
- you get your own bridal consultant
- only allowed to bring 3 dresses at a time into the dressing  
  room, but you can go back to get another 3 if     
  the first few dresses did not "suit your fancy". 

Here are some helpful tips from Randy Fenoli of "Say Yes to the Dress" to conquer this sale and be successful in finding the dress of your dreams...

Randy Fenoli's (of "Say Yes to the Dress")Blowout Sale Survival Guide:

1. It's best to have a pretty clear idea of what style you're looking for before coming in. For example, narrowing your choice of desired silhouette, fabric, or details can really help you focus in on the right gown quickly. 

2. Bring in a couple of photos of styles that you like. Our consultants can quickly look at your photos and lead you to similar looks. 

3. Be sure to know how much you would like to end up spending on your gown so you can stay within your budget.

4. Bring with you the one person you need to make this important decision. You may become frustrated if you find a gown you love but need your mother with you to see it first. Also don't bring a group of people, this isn't the time to entertain your friends.

5. Please wear the proper under garments! Besides the obvious reasons, you also may be sharing your room with another bride. 

6. Be ready to make a purchase or you may lose the gown of your dreams.

And I'm off and running...maybe I will see you at Kleinfeld. :)


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