The Perfect Summer Shoe...

Happy Sunday!!!

What is your perfect summer shoe?  

Well, this summer I am loving the TOMS Wedge.  Let me tell you a little bit about TOMS shoes.  TOMS is a company that gives back to children in need.  Every shoe that is purchased, TOMS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need.  Not only do you get a fabulous pair of shoes, but you are putting big smiles on the faces of so many children. Gotta love that!!! 

Now, until the TOMS Wedge was introduced this summer I was not really feeling TOMS original styles.  The original styles were not very flattering on me, but I see them on other people and they look great.  Just not my style, but the TOMS Wedge is definitely my style!  They are made out of natural canvas with a suede insole that takes the shape of your feet the more you wear them.  They give you long-lasting comfort and they go with everything.  

Just a heads up, they are so popular that they have sold out of most of the colors. Do a search and you just might get lucky! 

Check out my TOMS Wedge...

Summer is not over yet, so go out and get you some!  You will love them! 

And I'm off and running...


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