The Rebirth of the Retro A-line Dress...

I am really feeling the "new"(wink) retro a-line dress.  This is not something new, but since the lovely  celebrity ladies are all donning this flattering and feminine fit, it is a trend. Yes, that is right...a trend!  Ok...let's go with that.   

Photo from Refinery 29

My reasons for loving this new "trend"...
-figure flattering 
-very feminine styles and prints
-easy breezy to get dressed in the morning
-"feel like a lady..." (singing)

Here are some of my favorite styles...

Anthropologie-Tiered Fond Dress
Anthropologie-Traced Twirls Dress
ModCloth-Blushing Ambition Dress
Newport News-Retro-Inspired Dress
Tavin-Yves St. Laurent Polka Dot
Vintage Dress

Queen Wardrobe-Vintage Orange Button Dress

What do you think about some of these styles?  
Are you feeling this "trend"?

Before I get going, don't forget to tune in to Project Runway tonight!  So excited!

And I'm off and running...



  1. I have the Anthropologie Dress and the Newport News dress. Both make me feel so feminine!

  2. I have a green one that Im in love with it and it's no trend J.P. Archie, I bought in 06'! Ha!


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