Brown Butter...

I am really not a baker, but think I can cook really well.  So, I attempted to make a Nectarine Brown Butter Cake recipe I found on Smitten Kitchen blog.  (She calls it Nectarine Brown Butter Buckle, because it buckles a bit while cooking.)   Let me just say this cake is absolutely wonderful and it taste soooo good. 

My husband ate four slices the same night I made it and after he ate the first piece he came over to hug and kiss me.  He loved it!! It makes me so happy when he really loves my cooking (smiling hard).  Since I got such rave reviews from the husband, I thought I would share with my faithful readers.  :)

Note: When the husband went shopping, he did not find regular nectarines (hmmm...), but he did find white nectarines. 

Sooooo....here ya go!

White Nectarine Brown Butter Cake (click here to view recipe)

Now, don't get use to me putting food on my blog.  If you want a great food blog, check out Passion Foodie's blog here.  She has great recipes and the pictures of the food will make your mouth water. Yum! :)

Note: My fab springform pan I used for this recipe was giving to me by the Passion Foodie herself as a wedding gift, and I get great use out of it.

And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie


  1. That looks really tasty Jiggy! I might have to make that this weekend for the fiance'

  2. that cakes looks freakin delish! im jealous...and hungry.

  3. This looks so good right now.

    This and some milk!!!! Yumm


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