Lace Is Where It's At...

Happy Friday! 

Hope you have some great things planned for the weekend.  The Summer is slowly coming to an end! The husband and I are headed to a Grape Stomp at Orfila Winery in San Diego on Saturday (I will definitely have pictures). Very excited!  

I thought I would share one of my favorite trends for Fall. Lace! I have always loved lace. It reminds me of Madonna in the 80s. Remember the lace headbands, gloves, and socks. Awww...those were the days! Lace adds a vintage and antique feel to a garment. Pair a cute lace blazer with skinny jeans or a lace clutch to a solid sheath dress. So many ways to add lace to your wardrobe this fall. 

Here are some pieces that caught my eye... 




  1. I've got a lace bag and lace booties from a couple of years ago...I'm ready to go!

  2. I have two lace tops and that's about it. Lace is timeless and gives off this vintage, fragile, and alluring feel.


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