Monday Blues Giveaway...Wendy Mink Jewelry

I know some of us might have the Monday Blues, but this Monday is a special one.  This should really perk you up.  So, the lovely ladies at Wendy Mink are offering my lovely readers a giveaway.  Yes, a giveaway and I am really excited about it.  

The Giveaway...

The Etched Hammered Hoop

I am definitely a hoop girl and these are my favorite hoops from Wendy Mink.  They have so many that are so fabulous, sometimes it is hard to choose.  In order to win these, go to the Wendy Mink website here, browse a bit, and then pick out your favorite Wendy Mink piece. Then post a comment with your email address on my blog telling me all about your favorite piece on the Wendy Mink site.
The winner will be announced on Sunday!  Happy shopping!

The Etched Hammered Hoop

Before you run to post your comments, I would like to share my most recent purchase from them. Yes, I bought something else. I just cannot resist their vintage pieces. Check out their wonderful note to me.  Loves it!  This is why Wendy Mink is my first choice to buy my special pieces of jewelry!  

Become a Wendy Mink member here!  

Also, follow them on facebook or twitter.  

And I'm off and running...



  1. I just love everything about Wendy Mink! They are always coming out with something new and creative in the world of accessories! There metallics collection is at the top of my list for the moment! Right now, I have my eye on the following, check them out:
    Teardrop Chandelier and the Pink and Chocolate bracelet, it reminds me of the chunky, metal bracelets worn in the Chanel Fall'10 Couture show...amazing!!!

  2. I'm an earring girl so those gold hoops have my name all over them! I also luv, luv, luv anything natural or having to do with the outdoors.

    The turquoise raffia leaves earrings are muy linda!!...immediately caught my eye.

  3. You got urself a new follower!!

    I have been a fan of Wendy Mink Jewelry for a little while now... So many beautiful and creative looks!

    I really do not have a favorite but the 'Classic Mink-Island Empress Necklace' just so happens to match my new nail polish I got today! Too cute!!! I can picture it being worn with a tan dress, nude heels and this lovely necklace and my new coral nail polish!!!!


  4. Wow those earrings are amazing!!! I have never heard of this designer but I love it!!!1


  5. I'd never heard of her either, but the Champagne Teardrop necklace is just fabulous. I'll be checking back for all of Wendy's new pieces.

  6. Wendy Mink Jewelry is divine, isn't it?!

    Please count me in for the giveaway. Each time I visit her site, I find more pieces to love! Right now my favorite is Carnelian Layered Chain. Divine!

    jessicahamm at gmail dot com

    Swing by my blog if you have a moment, I'm hosting a giveaway too!

  7. I'm loving the pink bauble bracelet, the circle of color pendant, the coral turquoise cluster earrings and the wood teardrop earrings. So many cute things over there but those gold hoops would do wonders to my jewelry box :)

  8. OMG!!! I am ALL THINGS EARRINGS!!!...BIG, BRIGHT, COLORFUL to small, dainty, and feminine...i just have a hankering for ear candy...with that said...i am head over heels for the following...
    -beaded teardrop chandelier-can TOTALLY rock this from office to glam life
    -hammered oval hoop-synonmous with FABO "every day" ear candy
    -ornate cut out hoop-HOT, HOT, HOT...
    ...looking fwd to receiving a ca-ute delivery w/the windy mink return address ;)

  9. ~harmonycollins@yahoo.com~ I really love the stunning sequin carnelian bead necklace from wendy mink jewelry. The stone, carnelian, helps manifest protection, confidence, and creative visualization! Really beautiful and artistic, as well as energized, to help be all we can be!

  10. Jennifer - I think my fave from the website are the African Red Ovals...so simple and chic! Cute blog btw...nice work!

  11. i love the Hammered Handmade Cuff so much! great blog!

    glittergurl04 @hotmail.com

  12. I love so many pieces on wendy mink site! Those earrings are gorgeous!!!! I love this! Classic Mink-Island Empress Necklace has so many great components!!!! So beautiful! I'm going to save up!!!

    swtdreamer16 (at) gmail.com

  13. Thanks everyone for all your wonderful comments! The winner will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

  14. I love all the Wendy Mink jewelry, but my favorite has to be the Spring Cluster Chain.
    Yvonne Seale : astarial@hotmail.com

  15. I love those earrings. I also love all of Wendy Mink's Jewelry. My daughter gave me my first piece of jewelry and I have been hooked since. I love the quality of the metals she uses. There is a retro elegance her designs. So feminine!!!


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