Teeny Tiny Getaway...

The husband and I headed down the 101 Fwy to Santa Barbara this past Sunday for a little fun and shopping. Remember the vintage Bottega Veneta crossbody bag I told you about here, I went to pick it up instead of them shipping it to me. Just another reason to take a trip to Santa B.  

Lucky for me, Renaissance Consignment store was having a big sale. Wooohoo!!!  I got a vintage MaxMara silk/cotton trench coat circa 1970 for $25 and a beautiful necklace my husband bought for me. Loves it!  

After a bit of vintage shopping, we went to our favorite resto Carlitos Cafe Y Cantina for some Carne Asada, Jeannine's Bakery for some good coffee and we shared a lemon bar, our favorite jewelry store(well my favorite) 33 Jewels, and a host of other stores we discovered while walking down the famous State street.  

We had a very relaxing visit to Santa B as always.  Then headed back home and went to the movies (we saw Inception-good movie)

Here are some photos of our visit...

Great breakfast and fab coffee!
The fire hydrants in Santa B were all brass-so cute!
State street
Outside of Jeannine's Bakery
The best store on State Street
Vintage Necklace the husband bought me
Outside Renaissance Consignment Store
Carlitos Cafe Y Cantina

The Carne Asada-so good!
Marlin had the burrito asado w/chicken
My sweet husband-Cheers!!!!

Stay fab!

J.P. Archie

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