L.A.'s Fashion Night Out...

I am back!!! 

Mexico was a blast, and I made it back just in time for "Fashion Night Out"  this Friday! 

For those of you not familiar, Fashion Night Out (FNO) is a "global initiative to celebrate fashion, restore consumer confidence, boost the industry's economy, and put the fun back in shopping."  Love it!  It all takes place on Sept. 10th from 6-11pm only.  Although I celebrate fashion and boost the industry's economy a little too much, I am always up for a special night of shopping.  

Also, what a cute t-shirt this year!

You can get this t-shirt here(also have a grey l/s t-shirt),
here, and here!

Really you can get it everywhere!

Here are the "Fashion Night Out" happenings in the City of Angels...

Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills

Tiffany & Co.
Beverly Hills

Happy FNO Shopping!!!!

And I'm off and running...


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