City Love: Philadelphia...

Happy Monday!!!!

I was in Philadelphia last weekend for a wedding which was fabulous by the way(some pics soon).  The husband and I got to tour the beautiful City of Brotherly Love and we had a major good time filled with Philly cheese steaks, yummy pizza, Herrs potato chips, Dutch pancakes, friendly people, beautiful architecture, amazing museums, and of course lots of love in the air.  We topped off the weekend with brunch at Bridget Foy's to celebrate a friends birthday.  Lots of laughs, love, and great friends!  It was a great weekend!  

And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie


  1. Great pictures!!! Makes me wanna go back!!! Have a fab week!

  2. friend's bday!?!?!?...more like..."SIS BDAY"!!!


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