I Want This Stuff...

Happy Friday!!!

I am headed to D.C. today!  Probably in the airport, on the plane, or just landed depending on when you read this. lol!!!  During my weekly online window shopping and blog reading, I have some things I want.  I probably don't need, but I would truly love to have it.  So, if you are my family (my sweet husband, please pay attention), my ANGELS, or close friends this could kind of be my wish list for your holiday shopping. lol!!! 

Don't you love it!  I do!

Have a great weekend!



Sequin Flame Blazer-Anthropologie
Ritual Laptop Bag-Matt & Nat
Striking Encounter Scarf-Anthropologie
Verdant Mini Bag-Anthropologie
Alter Moccasin Boot-Manolo Blahnik
The Chrissie Wrap Watch(Gold)-Sasha Rhett

Happy Holiday Shopping!!!

And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie

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  1. Thanks for the good hints!!



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