Holiday Giveaway...

It's the holidays and what better way to get festive than to win a great holiday piece from Wendy Mink.  I love this piece and think it would be great with your holiday attire as well as a great piece for New Years Eve festivities.   

Resin Gold Tone Bracelet

This is how you enter the "Holiday Giveaway"...

Go to the Wendy Mink site here and let me know all about your favorite pieces for the holidays along with your email address.  Also, if you are on Twitter go here to follow and if you are on Facebook go here to "Like" Wendy Mink. 

One more thing, if you want to become a Wendy Mink Exclusive member and get great deals and special sale invites.  Just send an email to retail@wendyminkjewelry.com and ask to be put on the list.  You will not be disappointed!!! 

Don't forget to leave your email address. Winner will be announced this Friday!!!!


  1. Merry Holiday!!!! I just love giveaways, especially ones from Wendy Mink!!!! My fav's are the following and I think each would make the perfect stocking stuffer(in case anyone wanted to know...)
    the moonstone stud: simplicity at its best! http://www.wendyminkjewelry.com/detail.htm?the_latest=simplicity&skip=1

    the triple gold silver rings: not too flashy, but still make a statement! http://www.wendyminkjewelry.com/detail.htm?the_latest=metallics&skip=3

    last but certainly not least, the Ruby Studs: If for no other reason, than they are my birthstone and simply Fabulous!!!!

    Love the giveaway bracelet too. Ive had my eye on it for a while now!!!!Im just too excited about this!!!!

    Thanks Jiggyloves!

  2. Happy Holidays!!!

    All this cold weather on the East Coast has me longing for the Spring. With that said: I heart the Peruvian Calcite Rectangle Ring..http://www.wendyminkjewelry.com/detail.htm?bridal=party_statement&skip=13..

    The pretty pastel mint green color screams for everything dainty that spring has to offer.

    Given that my winter blues have arrived... I also love the Cobalt Gold Beads http://www.wendyminkjewelry.com/detail.htm?classic_mink=necklaces_and_bracelets&skip=20

    It speaks to the balance on winter (Blue) and the glimmers of sun (gold accent beads).

    Keep Warm and Happy Holidays!!!!

  3. Thank you so much for this giveaway! I am a HUGE fan of Wendy Mink Jewelry! I follow her on Twitter and on Facebook!

    My current LOVES:
    Agate Gold bracelet (beautiful)
    Smoky Quartz chain (sultry)
    Apatite Green drop earrings (exquisite)
    Champagne Teardrop necklace (gorgeous)
    Rose & Silver bracelet (versatile)
    Filigree Tanzanite drop earrings (make me happy)

    Again, thank you so much for the giveaway. This bracelet is so pretty! I'll be crossing my fingers extra good!


  4. Thank you for the giveway! I follow Wendy Mink via blog and Facebook. These are my holiday favorites:

    Beaded Chalcedony & Turquoise Bib - great with a cocktail dress

    Labradorite Ovals - Fun Party earrings

    Kyanite Teardrops - the blue stones are beautiful against white clothes

    Turquoise Amethyst Cocktail Rings- fun piece for parties

  5. Love a good giveaway. I'm already a follower of Wendy Mink and also a member. My current favs are the triple pearl bracelet, the smokey quartz studs, the gold turquoise egg chain and the classic circle of chain necklace.

  6. In desperate need of some fine holiday pieces! My favorites are the Onyx Gold Beads (featured on your blog), the Colbalt Blue Beads (the color is so rich, you don't need any other accesories with this piece)and the Ribbon Filigree Chandeliers (I know they're not holiday, but they make me happy anyway).



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