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Recently, I was stuck in some mean traffic downtown and decided to park my car to explore LA Art Walk.  I was a bit early, but got to hit a couple of places.  One that stuck out to me was Gather boutique on Main St. You will find unique pieces of clothing, jewelry and other accessories by local designers, as well as some vintage at great prices.  I found some fabulous vintage lamps for $40 and a vintage bracelet for $15.  Lovely!!!! 

Some photos of the boutique...

Photo courtesy of Gather boutique
Forgot to take a photo of the front. 

My finds...

The lamps were actually owned by the owner of GATHER. 

I love my bracelet!

Looking for holiday gifts, go to GATHER for some unique finds!

630 South Main St, Downtown Los Angeles  TUE- SAT 1-6PM or by appointment.

And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie

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  1. Very lovely!!! I really adore the bracelet!!! Very hot!!! I have to tell you, I came up on a great pair of vintage Givenchy clip on earrings!!! I will have to send you a pic, so you can post!! So fancy!!! Thanks for the great posts! love the new quote too!


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