Stud It Up

I love my big earrings and hoop earrings, but lately I am in love with wearing studs.  They are so simple, chic, and elegant and add a little something special to an outfit.  Also, you don't have to take them off when you go through airport security. lol!!! I know that was really random, but I have been traveling a lot lately and they never go off.   Gotta love that!

Also, if you are a person who is afraid of adding color to your wardrobe, then add some with a cute pair of studs like these here by Rachel Leigh.  Love them!  Yeah, I know studs have a reputation of being too conservative, but if you get some like these here by Rachel Leigh and here by House of Harlow you will definitely make a statement.

Here are some of my favorites...

Smoky Quartz Stud
by Wendy Mink

Rose Gold Tiny Heart Studs
by Bing Bang

Moonstone Stud
by Wendy Mink
Lisa Sparkle Studs
by Banana Republic
And here are some of my fav vintage studs...

Also, Carole Tanenbaum is one of my favorite sites to browse vintage jewelry for hours (Michelle Obama has a few pieces from Carole T).  Check it out!

Vogue Gold & Emerald Earrings-Circa 1970
Carole Tanenbaum Vintage

Alice Carviness Sunshine Yellow Earring-Circa 1950
Carole Tanenbaum Vintage
Orange Vintage Inspired Studs
by OhSoPrettyThings
Vintage Resin & Mother of Pearl Studs
by Quirk Vintage

Now go get you some studs :)

And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie

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  1. Thanks for the Stud it Up-Update!! Just checked out Quirk Vintage on Etsy!!! Nice finds!!! And great sale!!! Thanks Jiggy!


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