Wear Love At "Cordially Invited"...

It's Friday, and I am ready to have some holiday fun this weekend.  My husband is done with his finals and we are ready to spend some quality time.  Can't wait!  

I will also be making my way to "Cordially Invited" boutique paper store this Saturday for some great stocking stuffers and to get me some "Wear Love" bracelets.  Stop in for some holiday fun and great shopping!!!

Curious about the "Wear Love" bracelets?

"Wear Love" is  based in California and creates bracelets of the finest materials while "spreading love one creation at a time".  Wear Love says they "take pride in offering not only a piece of jewelry, but an instrument of love that can be given, received, and worn". Great bracelets and great gifts! 

Want one? Stop by "Cordially Invited" and get you a couple. If you are not local, send an email to yvette@partypaperwrap.com to place your order. Check out Cordially Invited's blog here.  If you are on Facebook follow them here and Twitter follow them here.  

Have a festive weekend!!! 
We'll do it all over again on Monday!!!! 

P.S. Read next post for the Holiday Giveaway winner.

And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie

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