Wild For Animal Print...

Lately, my eye has been drawn to animal print especially leopard.  Look close while shopping, you will see leopard print everywhere.  It is major!  From tights and jewelry to phone and iPad covers, leopard print is here to stay.  Well, at least for a little while. :) 

Here are some really fab items in leopard print...

Wild For Leopard Print

(click on the item to get more info)

Bring out your wild side and spice up your closet a bit. You don't have to over do it, but just a little pop here and there.

And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie 


  1. fyi, love the ability of clicking on the item and getting info about it! great addition

  2. Those leaopard print Loubies are the bizness. LOVE them.

    Dope blog, I'm a new follower. Come check me out sometime :)


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