What Did I Do This Weekend...

It was a rainy and chilly weekend in La La Land, but a beautiful one. I had a very relaxing weekend hanging with myself and the hubby.  Saturday, I ventured out to the Barney's Warehouse Sale. I always go the last weekend when you can get deeper discounts. If I find something at a great price then I'm a lucky girl. If not..no worries,I will be back next time! 

Well, it was my lucky day...I found this lovely sequin shoulder sweater jacket by Loeffler Randall (one of my fav designers) for half of the discounted price. Picture doesn't do it for this jacket, but trust me...it's a cutie.

Then I headed over to the DecadesTwo Annual Shoe Sale, but nothing I just had to have. I am learning to buy what I really love and that I will wear more than once. I was chatting with the sales associate about where I can find the Isabel Marant ankle boots I have been searching for a while now.  She says..."Oh, just go to Creatures of Comfort right down the street."  Yeah...I was not prepared for that. 

The lovely boot...

So, I jumped in my car and headed over.  I've heard of Creatures of Comfort, but never have gone.  Now...it's my new fav boutique and they have the lovely boots.  I finally got to try them on in all the colors and I'm so in love.  Did I get them...no, but I did sit in the car for 45 minutes talking with my mom about them as she talked me into starting my car and going home(the boots are a lot pricey). lol! I'm sure you can picture this. Funny stuff! 

I did not get the boots, but I didn't leave empty handed...I left with this...so lovely, so comfy, and so cute on me! 

Bernhard Willhelm Tora Tora

Keep you updated on if and when I finally get my boots. "Where there's a will there's a way."

Stay tuned...NYFW recap of my fav collections.     

And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie


  1. Very cool jacket.I like the color and the nice detail on the shoulders :)



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