A Place For It...


As you all know, I love my jewelry.  It seems lately that I've been buying more of it.  I've come across so many great designers on Etsy as well as my new favorite independent designer site Aprizi. I recently found a new jewelry designer called A Common Thread.  The owner/designer, Stefanie reworks vintage jewelry and does a fabulous job doing so.  I love it!  So, I bought two new pieces for under $25 each. Do you remember the pretty little whistle necklace that was apart of my lookbook on Aprizi here? Well, I bought it! :) 

Thank you, Stefanie! 

Where do I keep all my pieces? Well, I keep my everyday jewelry where I can get to it fast in the morning. I hang my necklaces on this little frame my mom gave and put my stud earrings and rings in a little dish. I also have a hanging bag full of jewelry in my closet(sorry, no photo).  I think I need a few new places and something a little less cluttered. 

I want to do something like this...  

I love the colorful teacups and saucers.  Very unique and so pleasing to the eye.  I do collect tea cups.  So we shall see...keep you posted!  

Do you have any unique places you put your jewelry?  If so, email me some photos to jiggyloves@gmail.com or just leave a comment. 

I love to hear from my readers!  

And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie


  1. The whistle necklace is so cute :)


  2. I love the big heart necklace; I have a thing for heart necklaces :D


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