Printed Canvas Craze

Happy Tuesday and belated Monday!!!

I was missing in action yesterday! I know, I know...you missed me terribly. lol! You see, I have this book I am reading for a book club meeting this coming Sunday,  and I have been so into the book, I looked up on Sunday and it was time to go to bed. Posts this week might be sparse due to this relationship I'm having with this book. :)

Anyway, on to printed canvas. I am loving printed canvas for Spring and Summer 2011.  I love my leather, but for some reason canvas just screams cool and fresh for the upcoming seasons.  What do you think?  Really, the designers don't care what we think, because this trend is everywhere from our fav high-end designers to more commercial brands.  Either way, get a pair for those lovely maxi dresses and skirts that have come back with a vengeance or a simple pair of your fav jeans. Printed canvas is me for the Spring/Summer! 

Mix n' match your prints to add a little spice to your outfit!  Not sure how? Stay tuned for a future post!

1 comment:

  1. I love the Lanvin wedges and the Beach shoes so so so much.


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