Light & Tasty...

Happy Monday!! 

Last night I was in the mood for a tasty light meal. So, to stay true to my diet and healthy eating, I thought a Caprese Salad and Grilled Chicken would hit the spot and be a great Sunday meal.  Caprese Salad is light, fresh, so colorful, and pleasing to the eye and palate. You can pair it with fish, poultry, a tasty piece of lean cut beef, or by itself.  Simple and fast to make!

My Caprese Salad Recipe...

Caprese, ripe vine, or heirloom tomatoes-cut in quarters
Fresh mozzarella or Burrata-cut into large squares
Fresh basil-as much as you like and torn
Balsamic Vinegar-drizzle 
Olive oil-drizzle 
Cracked Pepper-pinch or two
Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt-pinch or two
Toss all the ingredients together and enjoy! 

Grilled Chicken was washed and pat dry. Rubbed with my lovely Napa Rub from Whole Spice, I picked up at the Oxbow Market during a girls weekend in Napa, Ca last year. So tasty and tender!

So yummy to my tummy! :)

And I'm off and running...

J. P. Archie


  1. This looks so so good. I did something like this last night.

  2. Looks delicious. I'm making this for sure and will also try the Napa rub

  3. Mmmm the salad looks delicious :)I think I'm going to pull out some tomatoes from the fridge and try it :P


  4. MMMM...Good!!! Looks like a tasty delight!!!

  5. i've just discovered your blog; i love it! it'd be awesome if you would come and visit and maybe enter my giveaway? lots of love, zsara xxxx


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