Man Style: Pack A Blazer

Where are my lovely gentlemen today?? I gotta a post for you! If not, then ladies please pass this on to the lovely man in your life. 

I have not done a Man Style post in a while, and my Dad told me I need to post about a man's style at least once a month.  I think that is doable! He gave me a few ideas and an article about the "new way" men are dressing at 5-star restos. I will post about that later! Today, I have an interesting post about "How To Pack A Blazer". While reading the article my Dad gave me, I came across this little insert in the Wall Street Journal. BTW...WSJ has some really great articles on fashion and style. 

How To: Pack A Blazer... for some reason I could rotate the photo so please don't strain your neck too much.  Sorry!  lol!

To go along with this article, her are some great blazers for Spring...

Chambray Blazer by General Assembly
Tailor Wool/Linen Blazer by Banana Republic

 Stay Tuned for more Man Style...

And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie

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