Resto Spotlight: Bottega Louie

Happy Monday!  

Weekend is over, but it was a good one!  Hung out with fam and friends and relaxed.  Now...back to the grind, but my week is a real short one.  I head to Vegas on Wednesday morn to celebrate my dear friend get hitched to her beau.  I can't wait!  Lots of love and excitement in the air. 

Ok!!! My Dad, husband, and I try different restos each month. Our small dinner club. lol!  For April, I chose Bottega Louie.  Oh...so lovely! When I walked in, I thought I was in a different city.  It had that European/New York feeling.  The food was so great, but the MACAROONS were the hit of the evening for me.  Sooo...tasty!  B.L. has a bar, patisserie, cafe, and full-service restaurant.  You have to check it out! 

What we ate...

Virgin Ginger Mojito
Yummy and refreshing!
Clams Casino
Classic Caesar
The Napoli Pizza
Short Ribs w/Polenta
The pretty box carrying the macaroons
The flavors: Rose, Earl Grey,Coffee, and Vanilla

Happy Eating!! 

And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie

1 comment:

  1. I never had Macaroons, I'm so curious about the taste.


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