Birthday Love and Friday Favorites...

Well, yesterday I had this post all ready to drop in your mail boxes, but Blogger had another plan for it.  It was deleted as well as some of my photos, posts, etc. Not a happy blogger, but it is what it is.  Here's what was suppose to post yesterday!

Today is my lovely mother's birthday!  I was going to do a Birthday Love for her, but she would not want all those photos I post. Sooo, I decided to post one photo of her and include it with my Friday Favorites.  She is really not big on birthdays, but has a really BIG heart of GOLD.  She is beautiful, smart, loves to please everyone, and will do anything for anyone.  She is truly unique and I love her! Today we are going to the movies and getting a sandwich.  Her request, not mine! Lol! 

My favorite photo of my Mom! 

She would not want me to harp on her birthday, so on with my Friday Favorites...

Wane T-Strap Heel by Rachel Comey
I think I can rock these!

Decanter Lamp by Found
This really needs to go on sale!

Vintage Silk Keyhole Shift Dress by California Select
Fun bright shift dress for summer!

Havana Sandal by Sam Edelman
These scream vacation sandal to me!

Oversized Tank Dress by Best Behavior
featured on my besties blog here

Simple Tote by CLAREVIVIER
Love to TOTE this around! 

Handkerchief Dress by Banana Republic
Great for a summer jazzfest!

Chevron Necklace by ThreeDeluxe
Got to have it! 

Have a fabulous weekend!!!! 

And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie


  1. Your mother is so beautiful :)May she have a lovely birthday

  2. Happy Birthday to your mother! She is so beautiful, amazing smile.

  3. Happy Bday MomG!!! What a great photo!!! She really is one in a million!!! Love the Momma's!!! And love those Sam Edelman, they are currently on my shopbop wishlist! Gotta have!


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