Pasta Please...

This past Sunday I made a really tasty dish called Pasta al Pomodoro w/ Italian Chicken Sausage. The sausage was not part of the recipe, but I was feeling something a bit more hearty. I came across this recipe in my current BON APPÉTIT magazine. It looked so good on the cover, I just had to make it.  I can say my pasta was fabulous and if I closed my eyes I would have thought I was in Italy. :) I served it hot in my lovely Rosanna Pasta Bowls, which added that special touch.  I paired it with my Everyday Salad and Olive bread.  It was so yummy and buttery, and we have leftovers! 


And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie

1 comment:

  1. Oh this looks so delicious.I have to try the recipe :)


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