It's All In The Name...

Does the name of an item get your buying juices flowing? Anthropologie comes up with the most clever names for their products, and I find it refreshing when shopping. Sometimes it sparks me to click on the item even if I wasn't really eyeing it. If it's cute, I might even buy it or put it on my wishlist. Hmmm...I probably will buy it eventually! *BIG SMILE*  
It definitley gets your attention, and Anthro does it best!

Here are some that have grabbed my attention...be sure to click on the words highlighted in red for a bit more info. :)

Creme Fraiche Jacket by Beth Bowley
Like this top, Creme Fraiche is a fresh, light and airy cream you can use on just about any food. I tried this blouse on, and I love it!  

Tiburon Blouse by Maeve
Like this blouse, Tiburon is a historical, artsy and cultural little city just north of San Francisco. I have been trying to get there for sometime now, but somehow never go when I visit the bay area. Must visit! 

Meyer Meringue Dress by Moulinette
Like this dress, a Meyer Lemon is vibrant and just screams summertime. Meyer Lemons are the best lemon you get buy and great to bake with. 

Nine Lives Shades
The title speaks for itself!  
I thought this one was pretty funny. lol!
Cat-eye shades are in for the season.
Checkout the Off-Duty Aviators here! *cracking up*

Plaited Cayenne Sandals by Jeffrey Campbell
Like these shoes, Cayenne is hot like fire, spicy, and vibrant!
I love that they used the word "plaited"! Hmmm...

Hera's Bracelet by Anton Heunis
Hera was an olympian goddess, the sister of Zeus as well as his wife. 
She loved to wear jewelry and pamper herself with cosmetics. Interesting!
This bracelet is fit for a queen...or in this case a goddess!
It is lovely!

Strawberry-Rhubarb Apron
Like a Strawberry-Rhubarb pie, this apron has rich color and so sweet!
This apron would be a very cute dress as well as a great gift for a bride-to-be for a cooking bridal shower.

Ok...enough of the fun!
Hope you enjoyed, and I gave you a bit of knowledge too. Lol!
Love Anthropologie!

***Lots of sample sales this weekend!!! 
Click on Sample Sales & Deals for details***

And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie


  1. Very cute post! Thanks for the extra info :) And I love that apron

  2. That was fun!!!! Loved reading all the explanations.



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