Rising Stars: Viscera NY & Plutocracy

While catching up on some magazine reading this past weekend, I came across a write-up in Essence on two rising stars. Serita Mechelle Jennings of Viscera NY and Anitra Michelle of PLUTOCRACY are two emerging designers that know fashion and style. 

Serita Jennings of Viscera NY
Viscera meaning "to embody God" in Hebrew is a collection for the confident and full of life. The Spring 2011 collection is full of color and rich fabrics.  Although, the collection is not really my style I am loving her jewelry collection

PLUTOCRACY is a collection to show women they can be stylish and unique in "Corporate America" while getting the job done.  PLUTOCRACY is for the modern and on-the-move woman. I love the fabrics and bold colors Anitra Michelle uses and the creative elements of each piece. To me, it is a lovely mix of vintage and contemporary silhouettes. Not sure where you purchase her collection, but will be on the look out. Check out her blog here.

A few looks of the Spring 2011 Collection...

Look forward to seeing more from these ladies...Girl Power!

And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie

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  1. Im loving Plutocracy's line! Right up my fashion alley!!!


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