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Last Friday was my one year anniversary of my lovely blog. My first post was on July 8, 2010!  I can't believe I let this slip by. Whew...I must have lots on my mind. First, I would like to thank all my lovely and dear readers from the bottom of my heart for your support and comments about my blog. I've gotten such great feedback and this definitely keeps me going.  Blogging isn't easy!  When I started, I thought "how hard can this be?" Just write what you love. Well, it's like a full-time job to compose a quality post that your readers will love.  Yes...I write about whatever I feel, but you have to keep people coming back for more. I hope I've accomplished that! It takes a lot of courage to put your life and thoughts on display for all to read, but I think I am pretty much over that!:) From Blog Beautiful to Birthday Love to Friday Loves to Designer Highlights...I love it all!  

What do I want to accomplish in this next year...

I could say to work on my marketing and draw more readers. Yes, that is what I want, but in due time. I plan to keep blogging about what I love and see where it goes. Keep it exciting and give my readers a place to come escape and relax.  That is what I do when I read my fav blogs. :) I do have a couple of ideas on the horizon for this year and some surprises that will pop up in 2012. Hmmm...you will just have to wait!  

**Let me know your thoughts about my blog so far and what you would like to see more of.  Leave those comments!!**

Cheers to me!!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
Keep reading...

And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie


  1. Cheers to you JiggyLoves!!! A year certainly does fly by especially when you are doing what you love!! Best wishes to you and I can't wait to see what else is in store!!!! Cest la vie!!!

  2. Lol@ that last pic! CONGRATS JiggyLoves. It has been a pleasure reading your daily musings on fashion, food and your lifestyle moments. I look forward to many more years and looking forward to watching Cest la vie grow!!

  3. These are just the two cutest pictures.... ;-)

  4. I can't wait to see what lies ahead. Congratulations on an amazing year and thanks for always keeping me up on the latest happenings!



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