New Cuties...

One of my fav blogs and online shop, Pretty Mommy treated her readers to 30% off. Soooo...I took the lovely opportunity to purchase this Limited Edition Clare Vivier Black Embossed Lizard Clutch...ooohlala!  Great for Summer outings with the girls or with my guy. 

Love the turquoise zipper lining!  Gives it that little POP!

and I bought these cutie...cute cute feather earrings by Beatrice Bosquez.

I've worn these earrings everyday since I got them. They're so lightweight and dainty. Sometimes I like a dainty earring especially during the Summer. These cuties would make a lovely gift for a dear friend. Hmmm... I have my eye on a few more thangs in the Pretty Mommy shop. Stay tuned...

Have you purchased any cuties lately? 
Do tell...

Have a safe and splendid weekend!

And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie


  1. Love those earrings...Can only hope that special someone is Me!!!!! LOL! As for new cuties in my life...Nothing really special for me, but I did get the Master a pair of Toms and they are simply adorable and he also scored a couple of cute items from Tea Collection, one of my favorite children's clothing line!!! Lovely, as you would say! Happy Weekend!

  2. Love it...the Master! I am sure he looks so cute in his TOMS!


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