Resto Spotlight: True Food Kitchen

The husband and I try to meet early in the week for dinner or a drink to chat and hangout in a place other than home.  If we go home, we will both get on our laptops and talk behind our computers. lol!  This way we have facetime and have each others undivided attention as well as try new spots. If we don't meet earlier in the week, we make sure we have date night on Friday or Saturday. If you are married, try it out...it works! Not sure how we will tweak it when the little ones come, but until then we will keep it moving!  

Anyway, last Thursday we met for a networking mixer  at Bloomingdales in the new Santa Monica Place and then went to True Food Kitchen for dinner.  I've been wanting to check out this spot and was so glad we did.  The name says it all...True, simple, fresh, and wholesome food. If you are in the California or Arizona area, please try it out.  If I lived a bit closer, I would be there almost every night. lol! I love wholesome and freshly prepared food.  So much better for you!

 Nice big sign...can't miss it! :)

We sat at the bar and had this colorful display to admire as we ate.

Herb Hummus w/ red onion, tomato, and feta
Ohhh...so good! 

All Natural Steak Tacos w/Anasazi Beans
Very tasty and just the right portion

Turkey Burger w/ Kale Salad and Sweet Potato Hash
I am looking for a recipe for the Sweet potato hash. Yummy!

Little pots of fresh herbs line the outside of the entrance.

Got another tasty resto to share with you tomorrow...  

And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie

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