Fall Love: Colorful Denim

More Fall love today...getting all of you ready for the season!

The colored jean is back in full effect.  I remember wearing colored jeans in the 90's.  Do any of you remember when The Gap launched their Fall or Holiday campaign of colored jeans in red, electric blue, yellow, and green?  I had all colors and the sweaters to match. lol! Think I might have to relive the 90's and get me these from ASOS. HOT!!! I think I could rock those the way they need to be rocked.  Ohhh...I just cracked myself up!

Ways To Wear: Colored Denim
Love this Neiman Marcus Ad

Here are some that caught my eye...

Colored Denim

Color is lovely...get you some!

And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie

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