Friday Loves...

80's Multicolored Mercerized Sweater via Persephone Vintage
Something about this I love!
Put a gold or metallic skinny belt around the waist w/ jeans

Monogram Notecards by Kate Spade
I love sending little notes

Suede Deco Chain Strap Crossbody Bag by TopShop
Lovely color and great little bag for Fall
A + Unisex Tee by Wildfox Couture
"A" for Archie and Amazing!

Kisii Bracelets by Vanessa Mooney

Tri-color Vamp Flat by ZARA
Perfect combo of colors!

Bronze Age Flatware via Anthropologie
Ohhhh...I can see myself eating some really tasty food off these.

Have goodtimes this weekend!

Click on "Sample Sales & Deals" for great sales this weekend.

And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie


  1. Love those Spicy Record Bead bracelets!!!! Zara flats are pretty hot too!

  2. I don't know about that A+ shirt being unisex. It has a positive message though, and you can't knock that :)


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