What To Do...

So, I've been wanting to cut my locs(dreadlocks) off for a while. I've had them for 11 years and am getting a bit tired of them.  If I cut them, What To Do? I think I've been waiting to see a photo of a hairstyle that just moves me. Think I found it, but not quite sure. Little nervous! I was reading today's post from Refinery 29 and they have this whole Month of Hair thing going on where they highlight one girl each day for a month. 

Check out the one from yesterday that got me so inspired...

Photo/interview via Refinery 29

Name: Khayatollah

Occupation: DJ/model/Bartender/Artist/Loved 1

Age: "Let's just say that I'm at my Saturn Return."

Website/Twitter handlekhayatollahsoundcloud

Hometown: Newark, NJ 

Favorite childhood hairdo: "I loved when my mom would braid my hair from one side to the other, so that the cornrows were braided straight from one ear to the other like a cross-town highway. I think the hair to one side just feels so femme, and even at that age I liked that feeling." 

Go here to see the whole interview about Khayatollah's hair? She is beautiful and wears her hair so lovely. 

Here I am in my locs...


Should I cut my them or keep them?

And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie


  1. I say cut them!! Though I love the locs, I know you've been wanting to do something new with your hair for a while. Most of the time, change is good!


  2. I luv the locs and you look so great with them. I say keep

  3. i say leave them because you look beautiful. but, you can also cut them and i'm sure you'll rock your new hairstyle and look just as great. guess that's not really helping you decide, huh?


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