L'amour Mes Bijoux...

L'amour mes bijoux...I love my jewelry!  I've been working on my French. Hope I said that right. Learning a little here and there. Keep you posted on my progress. lol! As of late, I've purchased and received some lovely pieces. Starting to really build a great collection.  

Here are some of my current favs...check out the FRIDAY GIVEAWAY below.

Vintage Whistle Necklace by Eissa via No Roses Gallery
Lisa, the owner of No Roses is so sweet and her birthday is a day before mine.  

This little cutie is a DIY piece by my bestie, Toni aka My Mommies Closet. She gave this to me for my birthday. 
So very special! 

I picked up these lovelies during a trip to NYC at Wendy Mink Jewelry. Aren't they just beautiful?

I got these at a "secret spot" at The Grove in Los Angeles. lol! Give you a hint...it's right in front of the movie theater.  This place has some lovely earrings. I got three pairs and my mom got four. Great spot!  

Awww....these were giving to me by my lovely friend Jen Wills.  She was wearing them one night we were out, and I told her I loved them.  She said "I'll give them to you, but I have to wear them until the end of the night." lol!

These also came from the "secret spot" at The Grove. ;)

I got this vintage apple brooch in Palm Springs at a street market for $5.
Love it! 

These bangles by KORA were a Lucky Mag "Deal of the Day" purchase.  Made in Kenya out of Ankole cow horn and recycled brass. Very nice!   

I got these from I2 Design by LaRhonda.  She always makes lovely pieces and I scooped these up really fast.
This lovely bracelet from Cold Picnic was giving to me by my dear friend Jen for my birthday. I love it! Great for Fall!

Friday Giveaway: 
Win a pair of earrings from my "Secret Spot"!

How to win: 

Leave a comment telling me your favorite piece of jewelry in your collection.
"like" me on Facebook and/or follow me on Twitter (@jiggyloves) 
Winner will be randomly picked and announced next Friday, 9/16(this day is a really special day...Tell you about it next week). Oh...don't forget to leave your email address. 

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend!

And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie


  1. Yay!!! Sign me up for the secret spot giveaway!!! All your pieces are extra special! I adore the secret spot studs- very important staple in the mom's accessory wardrobe-FYI!!!! Happy Friday!! 7 days and counting!!!

  2. So, now that Ive am following directions(and reading in its entirety) I have to say my two favorite jewelry pieces, in my collection, both of which hold sentimental value are: my Alex & Ani St. Christopher charm bangle-for protection. My dad always wore this pendant and when he passed I then wore it, however I didnt think it was the safest to have with a newborn, so I found the charm bracelet and voila. My second piece is my initial charm from Nashelle.com, which has a W for my first born and very special to my heart son, William. I will cherish this pendant for a lifetime.

    Now, I think I have completed the task, with the exception of twitter and facebook, of which I do not belong to either. Sorry!

  3. That second pair of earrings is amazing, so elegant.

  4. I happen to love the first necklace with the whistle. It's not only a statement piece but I imagine it can come in handy when you're trying to cross the street and cars won't stop, or when you need a taxi, when you're up in the club and wanna be one of those obnoxious folks that blow the whistle, or just blow it for kicks in a library! I see many many functional uses.

  5. Hey Jiggy - Hope I'm not too late to enter the Friday Giveaway! My favorite piece of jewelry has a lot of sentimental value. It's my gold nameplate necklace. My mother had it made for me when I was a toddler and I still wear it to this day! It's even more special because I consider myself to have a unique name and I often get compliments when I wear it.

  6. Im trying to follow all the directions ..(1st) my favorite piece of jewelry is an old gold locket that belonged to my great aunt Roberta Cook from Winston Salem, NC. Its beautiful and i have not seen one like it anywhere.

  7. Im trying to follow all the directions ..(1st) my favorite piece of jewelry is an old gold locket that belonged to my great aunt Roberta Cook from Winston Salem, NC. Its beautiful and i have not seen one like it anywhere.
    i missed a rule my email addy is Kristibhenderson@gmail.com

  8. My favorite piece in my small collection are diamond studs that my grandmother left me when she passed. My father gave them to me on my 16th birthday.


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