Shoes Talk?

Yep! The shoes you wear say a lot about your personality. I came across this little piece in the New York Times this week, Sunday Style Section.  Most mornings when I come into work, my Dad (yes, I work with my Dad if you didn't know) has an article for me to read.  Usually about fashion, either from the Wall Street Journal or NY Times. He might not know, but I look forward to that...a lot!  

Ok, back to the little piece...

This piece was both pleasing to the eye and so interesting to me,  because I have this thing with shoes and often look at a persons shoes before their clothing...Ohhh! I just had an Aha! moment. Will share later. Lol!  Anyway, shoes evoke so much emotion you probably don't even realize it. Let's see... 

Joy-when they have your size and you take them home.

Sadness-when the heel breaks or you find out they really hurt your feet. 

Frustration-when they don't have your size or rub the hell out of your heel because they really don't fit, but you had to have them. 

Anger-when you come home and your Louboutins have been shredded by your dog. 

Disgust-when you see someone else wearing your shoes at your friends wedding.

Anticipation-when you get a package from Fedex or UPS carrying your new shoes. Ahhh...

Trust-the pair of shoes that you probably wear three times a week and had for 3 or 4 years. Never leave me!

Surprise-when you take that special pair to cash register and they are cheaper than you thought. Wooohooo...I love that! 

Crazy, huh? Shoes have too much power. Enjoy this little piece!

Do you recognize your feet in any of these photos?

What is your fav pair in your closet?

And I'm off and running...

J.P. Archie

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