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Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all that you are thankful for, spend time with family and friends, and eat a whole lot of food. This year, Thanksgiving for us will be very low key and all about family/friends and just hanging out.  We just might have Thanksgiving dinner in our pajamas. Now...that sounds nice! I thought I would experiment with some different dishes this year, so I went to my trusty site...Bon Appetit! Love this magazine, and everything that I've made from this site has been fabulous. 

If your thinking like me this year...try these:

Don't want the traditional stuffing, try Grit Dressing. Sounds really tasty, and if you don't do bacon then do turkey bacon. Thanksgiving??? Turkey Bacon...sounds like it could work. Lol! This is definitely on our menu! 

Interesting alternative to Candied Yams or Mashed Sweet Potatoes.  If you don't like blue cheese, then use feta (according to Passion Foodie) or Gorgonzola. Might have to try this! 

Now this is so tasty, I get this a lot from this cute little cafe called Sweet Butter in Sherman Oaks. So yummy! I was not a fan of brussels sprouts, but after tasting this salad...I love them!  The nuttiness of the Pecorino cheese and the crunchiness of the almonds makes this a winning dish. Add some dried cranberries for a little sweetness. 

Very non-traditional, but sounds really good. I don't think I will do this for Thanksgiving, but definitely for a Sunday dinner. Take note that this lasagna is not tomato based, but the ricotta mixed with all the fresh herbs it can be very tasty. Not feeling mushrooms or butternut squash, hmmm...not sure what to tell you.  

Ohhhh...this sounds lovely!  A little spiciness drizzled over your turkey definitely can't be a bad idea.  Looks easy to make and definitely should taste great.  It's worth a try!

I close my eyes and imagine eating this with a nice comfy blanket around me. This sounds so yummy!  Tired of pecan pie or sweet potato pie? Try this! Pecans, bourbon, butterscotch, and bread...it has to be divine. 


What special dishes are you making? 
What do you think about these?

Bon Appetit!
Happy Thanksgiving
Photo Credit: Bon Appetit

And I'm off and running... 
 J. P. Archie

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  1. This food looks so delicious. It is only mornng here but I would so have some of those potatoes :)Lovely post.

    P.S. I would like to invite you to join my new Shabby Apple giveaway http://adropofindigo.blogspot.com/2011/11/giveaway-shabby-apple.html


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