Food Love: Detox Salad

Happy Monday, hope your weekend was great and you're ready to start the week. 

A dear friend, Dyan of Passion Foodie told me about The Detox Salad she read about on one of her fav blogs, Oh She Glows which is a healthy vegan food blog. Pretty great stuff on this blog! Anyway, I thought I'd try it.  To my surprise, it was really yummy. Very raw, but every bite is a tasty one. It will surely get the body running right. Check out the recipe here

The ingredients minus the cauliflower and sunflower seeds  

You will need a food processor unless you want to be chopping for hours. 

I think I might have chopped it a bit too much, but it was still tasty.
Drizzle a bit of maple syrup and cinnamon to each serving.  

And of course I added some KICK...

And there you have it...Detox away! 

And I'm off and running...
J. P. Archie

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