Resto Spotlight: Post & Beam

The hubby and I made our way to the new  Post & Beam resto aka P&B in the heart of Baldwin Hills before going to see the exciting and fabulous  musical FELA.  Let me just say, we were  thoroughly impressed!  When I go to a restaurant, the feeling I get as soon as I walk in is very important, then the ambiance, service, and food. The owner, Brad Johnson was very friendly and chef/principal, Govind Armstrong is one of my favorite chefs out there. P&B, passed with flying colors and a couple of soul claps. It was great!  

The staff was so friendly and the food...the food, was so yummy.  Now, I was not that hungry so we opted to dine at the bar and split a salad and try the pizza pies with a glass of wine on the side. Plus, I think eating pizza and wine at the bar is so romantic. Yeah? 

We chose the Wild Arugula and Roasted Beet salad, which was so fresh.  The combination of the peppery arugula and the sweet yellow and red beets hit a home run.  The hubby doesn't even like arugula, but he does now! 

For the pizza pies, I ordered the Turkey Meatball w/ Roasted Tomatoes and Fennel Pollen, and the hubby ordered the Wild Mushroom, Goat Cheese, and Kale.  First, I haven't had a turkey meatball that yummy and second, the wild mushroom and kale combination with the goat cheese was delish. All in all, we had a  fabulous meal and really enjoyed every minute. I did not get a chance to go outside where they have a small garden with fresh herbs and veggies used in all the dishes, but will be back probably this weekend. :)

P&B Garden
Photo Credit: postbeamla.com

The pizza toppings were so fresh and made the pizza even more yummy!

And for dessert...

Vanilla Ice Cream with Caramel sauce and a side of Espresso

This isn't the best photo! I took it after I poured the espresso on the ice cream. I will get it right next time. Just know  that we enjoyed it! :) Also, check out the their website here.  They have recipes you can try and a host of info about the resto. Hurry up and go!

10 thumbs up for Post & Beam...
It will only get better!

Welcome to the neighborhood!

And I'm off and running... 
 J. P. Archie


  1. LOL @ flying colors and a couple of soul claps :)
    Love that it's in the neighborhood. Must check it out

  2. We finally got another good resturant in the the part of town that has been neglected for years.By the way the avg household income in that area is $125,000.00 plus.View Park ,Winsdor hills,and Balwin Hills is the area,I have eaten there twice and had a greart time

  3. Seeing all that food is making me hungry again....scratch that. i was already hungry. Seeing the food just made it worst. Thanks alot, C'est La Vie :(


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