Street Style of the Week...

Wet Pavement & Patent Pumps
Model:Dyan Ross
Photo Credit:D.W. Ross

She just put the hat on because it was raining, but I love it!
Skirt-J.Crew (I mentioned this skirt here)

More streetstyle for ya, but this is not me. lol!  My friend sent me this photo, and I thought it was a great! 

**Light bulb moment...please email(jiggyloves@gmail.com) me photos of your streetstyle, and I will post them on my blog. Great way to see what my readers are wearing and give you some Photo Credit. :) Maybe this will be a weekly post...Streetstyle of the week!  Alright, get to sending them!  


Enjoy the Weekend!!!!

And I'm off and running... 
 J. P. Archie

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