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What are these photos of...

Louis Vuitton Valentine window display at Century City Mall
Products...my daily
Superfood Salad at Wholefoods...YUM!
Juicing, juicing, juicing...juicinnnng!
That guy's on a really high bike!
Cute little bell I saw at my nail shop
Queens Chatter book club's drink of choice
Brown Wine at book club
I am not a slipper person, but I love these. X-mas gift from Mom.
Packing...never ending

Juicing update:  So, I completed my 3 day juice cleanse and I  must say it was not that bad. It was rough at moments, but all in all it went great. The juices were very tasty and at times annoyingly cold. lol! I really loved them all especially the Cashew Milk. Yum! I also had a host of room temp lemon water and herbal tea, and the bathroom is now my best friend...sorry, Marlin. :) How do I feel? I feel much lighter and much healthier. Lost 9 pounds, which I know at least 4 or 5 will come back after adding solid food. My advice: Don't do a cleanse to lose weight, but do a cleanse to give your digestive system a rest, clean your blood, and cut the cravings. It works! I think I will do another 3 days in March. That's it! 

Have A Fabulous Superbowl Weekend! 
No nachos or chili for me...

And I'm off and running...
J. P. Archie


  1. Such a sweet post, I love Instagram photos.

  2. Packing means progress,moving on up
    to a better space


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