My Weekend...

Movies with the husband to see Think like A Man...hilarious!  A must see!  A few of the actors (Megan Good, Regina Hall, and Michael Ealy) made an appearance at our showing to our surprise to say a little about the film and thank us for supporting.  Major excitement!   We had are usual popcorn which was extra tasty and Marlin gets Raisinets that he throws in the popcorn for a little surprise.  So yummy! 

Sunday has been my farmers market day.  We went to the Larchmont Village farmers market to get some stuff for this weeks dinner and juicing.  Heading back to the car,  we made a little stop at Crumbs Bake Shop for a little morning treat.  The cupcakes there are by far the best I've ever had.   Frosted was my fav until I went here.  I think I've changed my mind! :)  The only thing I might not like is that they are really huge cupcakes (like mine a bit smaller), very filling as we did not eat anything else until dinner.  I made up for our sweet tooth with a healthy Lentil, tomato, and sausage soup for Sunday dinner. 

Coffee Toffee and Baba Booey

 Great weekend! Looking forward to the next one...the hubby's birthday is this Sunday!!! Celebration time!

Have a productive week!

and I'm off and running...


  1. STOP it with the Lentil, Tomato and sausage soup!!!! That sounds A-MAZING!!! Yummm!

  2. Sounds like a fun-filled weekend! They just go too fast! Crumbs is next on my list to try for sure! Oh, and you must try adding Sour Patch Kids to your popcorn-Yum-Tum!!!!

  3. Zeke on the west coastApril 23, 2012 at 3:06 PM

    The soup is just what i like,popcorn and raisins,Never tried that.You are so good.I look forward to your insights everyday


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