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amy sia scarves

i'm definitely a scarf wearer and seem to have a very lovely collection.  i came across these beautiful scarves that just scream Summer on the blog design crush.  i  instantly fell in love!  not buying one yet, but best believe i will get one in the near future. more here...

preparing this salad this weekend

photo credit: camille style
tuesday tastings on the blog camille style always makes me so hungry.  she always has great healthy recipes and so easy to make...well at least for me. :)  check more of her recipes here...

this tie for the husband

from this lovely store
photo credit: jiggyloves
while exploring the hidden gems of old montreal, we came across this cute store called Rooney.  I bought a cute sweater and wanted to get this tie for marlin, but he was not too excited about it.  i love it!  what do you think?  they sell women's clothing too, but for some odd reason they don't on the online site.  hmmm...

hester street fair

photo credit: hesterstreetfair.com
checking this street fair out this Saturday...be back with photos.  More deets here if you want to go...

anniversary dinner at garde manger

photo credit: jiggyloves
we had an amazing meal at garde manger (french phase meaning "cool pantry") in old montreal to celebrate 4 years.  still thinking about it!  more on this next week... 

what are you smiling about?

and I'm off and running...


  1. Those scarfs are really beautiful, love the look.

  2. Zeke on the west coastMay 31, 2012 at 9:11 AM

    The salad looks like it is very good and

  3. Scarfs are gorge!!!!

  4. Hester Nights? That looks pretty interesting.


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