Smiling About...

these things for summer...

tan and zebra sandal to wear with light summer dresses and pants
washed denim buttondown to throw on over a light summer maxi
rire aux eclats canvas tote to carry my summer veggies from the farmers market
viscid watch to keep up with the long hours of summer
color pop juice glasses to drink summer cocktails

closet pop...

photo credit: threebirds

stay tuned...it will come to light!

fresh cherry salsa...

photo credit: living tastefully
this just screams YUMMY!  get recipe here on living tastefully blog...head on over to design crush blog here for more tasty salsa recipes. they posted some really great ones!

this cute photo of tamu mcpherson and her lovely summer bucket bag

photo credit: all the pretty birds

this clare vivier bright...

photo credit: clarevivier
what a great summer clutch....sure to brighten a gloomy day.
cv azul, marigold, orange, and tan flat clutch

more memories at the playboy jazzfest...

Playboy Jazzfest 2011
my dad and the fam go to the playboy jazzfest for father's day every year.  I think we've missed two years!  Good times to be had again this weekend.  Happy Father's Day to my pops!!!!

what are you smiling about?

and I'm off and running...


  1. Those sandals and the watch are amazing, really beautiful.

  2. zeke on the west coastJune 15, 2012 at 11:05 AM

    I have enjoyed every playboy fess with you and the fam

  3. Adore!!! I'm smiling cuz its the weekend!!!! Great shoes!!!

  4. I'm smiling about the watch ... and you were at Playboy last year cuz I seent you!

  5. Oh I see... you were saying that you've only missed 2 years in the past, not the last 2 years.
    Gotcha! See you tomorrow :-)


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