Instant Vintage...

Another oldie but goodie showing up this week!  While on our trip to San Francisco, I was determined to go to at least one vintage shop.   Vintage shops are a must go in San Fran.  They are at the top of my list as far as cities with good vintage shopping.  This time I went to Painted Bird.  There's also one in L.A., but for some odd reason I've never gone.   That's all about to change!  I've been telling myself to get back into vintage shopping.  You find so many gems in the midst of all those full racks.

Painted Bird was small, but packed with goodies and a very charming place to shop.   Forgot to take more photos of the store, but got caught up looking through the racks.  The store is stocked with clothing for women and men, handbags, jewelry, and shoes for women.   All in all, this store has definitely become one of my favs.

Not the best photo, the sun got in my way.

My Finds..

100% Silk Floral Blouse- $17 
Belt: Anthropologie  
Necklace: Isabel Marant

100% Silk Brown Blouse- $14

Butter Leather Double Breasted Jacket-$27 (ding ding ding...and it's real)
I'm going to change the buttons to spice it up! 

I love these lightweight silk blouses.  So easy to throw on over a cami and pair with skirts and jeans.  Leather, Florals, and the Button-down Blouse are major for Fall.  Don't want to spend full price, vintage shops are the best way to go.  Get ready for Fall vintage style!

Instant Vintage is what I love! 
Do you have any fav vintage shops you want to share?

and I'm off and running..


  1. Very cute Jen. Love the floral blouse!

  2. Very cute Jen. Love the floral blouse!

  3. Aww shucks! I need a little Painted Bird in DC!! Cute, cute, cute! I like your style and love the links to BBB!! That's whuts up!!!


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