Natural Hair Love...

Since I combed out my locs, I've been on a whirlwind with natural hair products, video tutorials, and photos.   I have to say, I'm totally in love with my natural hair and really have a huge crush on it.  Ha!  Can't stop touching it!!!!  I've since joined Curlbox, subscribed to countless member sites on you tube, and change my hairstyle weekly.  I can wear hats and headbands again...It's the most fun!!!!

Here are photos of my most recent hair crushes...

photo credit: hey fran hey
Chrisette Michelle's new look...love it

photo credit: curlbox

photo credit: neffyfrofro

photo credit: thenaturalsistas

photo credit: instagram (forgot who)

photo credit: pinterest via fashionbombdaily

Loving the naturals! 

and I'm off and running...

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  1. You know I almost cut off my locs on Tuesday! I miss my hair!


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