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8 ways to tell if a man is in love with you...

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Toronto May 2012

On the show The View yesterday, Joy kicked off "Hot Topics" off with these 8 ways.  I thought it was so sweet and funny, and I wanted to share if you didn't see it yourself.

1. Catch him staring at you-check

I always catch the husband staring at me at least 2 to 3 times a week.  Ha!  Sometimes I say "what are you staring at?" other times, I just admire that he does it.

2. Gazes in your eyes-check

He just gets so dreamy eyed when he talks to me. Lol!

3. Buys foods that you like-check

He always brings home my favorite ice cream even though I don't need the stuff.  Hmmm...does he reallllly love me? Ha!

4. Keeps his stuff at your house-check

Well of course he does, we are married!

5. Talks about the future-check


6. Wears the sweater you gave him-check

He definitely doesn't shop for himself, so he really has no choice!

7. Stands right next to you in public-check

He always does, unless we had an argument in the car.  Then he walks ahead of me.  lol!

8. Ok with you answering his phone-check

Hmmmm... this is a hard one!  He sure loves to answer mine and look at my Instagram and Facebook, but I don't usually answer his phone.  I guess it's nice to give him a little privacy!  I do tell him when it's ringing and when he gets a text. lol!

So, I guess I'm 100% sure The Husband REALLY loves me!  Now, ladies don't go starting any arguments about this list, just admire the unique ways he shows you he loves you.  It's all in fun!

In honor of this post, Happy 8th Anniversary to my dear friend Ladybird Toni and her hubby Chibale Wills!!! Love you guys, you lovebirds! 

Have a fabulous weekend!

and I'm off and running...


  1. Thank you Jiggy!! I love the list and love the Archie's!!

  2. zeke on the west coastOctober 19, 2012 at 8:56 AM

    Jiggy you are on it.Thanks for the list


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