Giving Thanks...

So, this year I decided I'm making a turkey.  Not sure why I'm excited about that, but I've never made one and felt it was time to tackle the bird.  I'm going to use my Saturday Night Chicken recipe and double or triple the recipe.  Should be really moist and tasty!  I will report back!

Here's what I'm cooking...

photo credit: bonappetit

photo credit: bonappetit

Green Beans with Butter, Garlic, and Shallots

photo credit: bonappetit

photo credit: bonappetit

That's all I can do this year!  The tart, I just found this recipe while writing this post and it sounds so yummy and pretty simple.   Just need a tart pan!  My mom is doing mac & cheese and butternut squash casserole.   Ladybird Dyan and her mom will tackle the rest with some greens, stuffing, and some other tasty sides and desserts.  Thanksgiving should be really fun being in the kitchen with family and friends.  Can't wait!

I'm very grateful and thankful for my family, close friends, health, and all God has blessed me with.  What are you thankful for and what are you cooking?

Happy Thanksgiving!  

and I'm off and running...

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