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A family friend, I'll just say one of my many mothers told me about this blog called Advanced Style.  Ever since I checked it out, I've been hooked on it.  Advanced Style is a blog that highlights women over 60 who have a whole lot of style and plenty of spunk.  I thought I would share one post I thought was so fitting for the New Year.

Rose and Ruth
"Beauty Secrets from Two Stylish Women"

 photo credit: advancedstyle

Rose and Ruth are both 101 years old!  Read their beauty secrets and how to live a long long life here.  Love Rose's bangles and belt.   I'm definitely taking notes.

Here are few more of my favorite photos from the site..

photo credits: advancedstyle

No doubt these ladies have style!

Moisturize and Exercise!!! 

and I'm off and running...

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