Love it or Leave it...

photo credit: popsugar

I came across Miley Cyrus wearing this play on the Hermes logo designer sweatshirt.  Totally not on my radar, but wanted to share.  Won't see me rockin' this, but it's kind of cute.  Hmmmm...I guess I'm feeling the gold against the black.  Also, not really feeling what it says.  South Central?!?!  Ha...OK!  The L.A. based designer, Brian Lichtenberg has a whole collection including spoofs on Chanel, Celine, and Gucci.  Apparently, celebrities love his stuff.  I guess the luxe sweatshirt trend is really taking off.  Never did get me one!

Love It or Leave It?  

and I'm off and running...

1 comment:

  1. Hmmm...Cute, but Im gonna Leave it! A little too cheeky for me!


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